By ahiemstra, 25 June, 2024

It's been a while since I posted about KRdp. For those who missed it, KRdp implements a server that exposes a running Plasma session to be controlled by other machines through the RDP protocol.

The biggest news here is that KRdp is now part of Plasma and is being shipped along with the rest of Plasma 6.1. Originally we hoped to be able to include it for Plasma 6.0, but due to the amount of work getting everything else ready for Plasma 6.0 we decided to postpone inclusion to Plasma 6.1. This allowed us to include some fairly important changes that we wanted to include.


By ahiemstra, 8 August, 2023

With this blog I would like to introduce KRdp, which is a new library implementing the required glue to create a server exposing a KDE Plasma Wayland session over the RDP protocol. It also contains a command-line based server which will allow remote clients to control the current Plasma Wayland session.


By ahiemstra, 15 October, 2020

Just a first post to confirm that everything is working.

Nothing to see here, move along.